Amazing Fun Facts before Moving to Henderson, NV that you need to know about!

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Henderson has so much more to offer than just being “that town next to Vegas.” We decided to do some research and find out just how interesting this town really is. Here are a few of our favorite fun facts about Henderson, NV. -Henderson was originally called “Sylvanite” and was named after the owners’ daughter. They changed the name to Henderson in 2004 because people kept pronouncing it wrong.

Photo by: Carol M. Highsmith

1. Henderson’s Beverage Of Choice: Coffee

There’s little doubt about this city’s passion for coffee, as shown by the names of some streets: Coffee Bean Place, House Blend Lane, and French Roast Place. Doubleshot Lane is another street where there are always lines no matter what shop you hit up in the morning to grab a latte.

2. Henderson is made for the most adventurous outdoorsmen.

Henderson has more than 80 miles of trails for walking, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The trails range in difficulty from pleasant and easy paved neighborhood routes to dangerously difficult mountain face tracks that are inaccessible except by foot. It’s been named one of the most walkable cities in the country for its healthy lifestyle.

3. Here, lions live out their golden years.

The Lion Habitat Ranch is the loving home where retired lions from the MGM come to live out their days in peace and leisure. If you’re interested in taking a crack at being a lion tamer, check out the “Trainer 4 A Day” program—you might just get your chance!

4. What? You haven’t heard about the top-secret naval base?

Henderson is home to a top-secret Naval base—and if you think it’s odd that such an installation would be built in the middle of a desert, then guess what? You’re not alone. Supposedly, an underground tunnel leads from the Nevada desert to a large lake where subaquatic vessels are tested.

5. Sushi can be made anywhere, even 300 miles from the sea.

Although you might be skeptical that good sushi could be found in the middle of a desert, I Love Sushi in Henderson has some of the best Japanese delights in all of Nevada. From the warm towel that welcomes you to your seat and continues throughout each course, to the sculptures made from oranges that close out every meal here. Between these two extremes lies an entire world of unforgettable dishes — including oyster shooters served on ice and a sushi boat with more varieties than you could sample in just one sitting.

6. Before There Was See’s Candy, There Was Ethel M.

Ethel Mars, an artisan chocolatier, made her treats in her home over 100 years ago. Her son went on to help found the candy company that makes M&M’s and Snickers today. The Ethel M chocolate factory has been a fixture in Henderson since 1978. It’s open to the public, free of charge—you can visit it and see how chocolate is made! You’ll also be able to sample some special coins before walking through their Botanical Cactus Garden. If you’re an M&M lover, check out the world’s largest M&M store for free samples and a wide variety of exclusive flavors.

7. Henderson is home to its very own folk tale.

There’s been a rumor about the Hermit living in Henderson swamps since the 1950s. The story goes that he lived in caves with his loyal canine companion. Some people claim to have made contact with the Hermit’s ghost and say he now frequents the area around Lake Las Vegas.

8. Henderson is a hideaway for professional athletes who need a break from the spotlight.

The town of Henderson has been a peaceful home to several famous athletes, including NFL Hall of Famer Tom Mack and LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg. Even Notre Dame football legend “Rudy” Ruettiger lives here. If you’re a baseball fan, take it as an honor to walk the same streets that greats such as Frank Thomas, Jason Giambi, and Rollie Fingers once strolled.

9. You’re closer to the Las Vegas Strip than you think.

The best part of living in Henderson is its close proximity to the many casinos and entertainment venues in Las Vegas. You can live in Henderson, where you will be close to the biggest and best casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues without dealing with all of the madness firsthand.

10. Barley’s is the place to go for a great beer.

You better believe it! Barley’s Casino & Brewing Company is Henderson’s only brewery and the oldest of its kind in the whole Valley. With beers this good, who wouldn’t want to stay? Locally brewed Red Rock Original Oktoberfest Lager is the most popular beer at this festival, but Black Mountain and Blue Diamond also offer a satisfying pint. A wood-fired pizza goes perfectly with any brew!

11. Henderson is the greenest city in the desert.

Like grass, Henderson has the most public parks per capita of any city in Nevada (50 within its limits and five that are connected to schools). The Acacia Demonstration Gardens is a space devoted to helping residents develop water-efficient landscapes—in other words, ones like those you’d see in a desert. In addition, the city has been named “Tree City USA” due to its dedication to community forestry and observance of Arbor Day.

12. Weiss Deli’s matzoh ball soup is the best on this side of Jersey.

It’s no wonder that Weiss Restaurant Deli Bakery preserves such culinary secrets as the Matzoh Ball Soup. Once you’ve tasted its other dishes, including whitefish and fresh challah bread, you’ll understand why this is a jealously guarded townie secret.

13. People from Henderson are proud of their hometown talent.

The Book Boutique Family Book Store is a fanatical supporter of all kinds of local talent. The wide variety of local artists and entertainers who perform in Henderson’s coffee house offers something for everyone: from new bands to student playwrights, you’ll find all sorts of interesting people here. Each month, local authors are invited in to do readings of their works and sign copies for adoring fans.

14. Vegas may have its casinos, but we’ll take the sunset.

Locals tend to play at more low-key casinos than the glitzier places in Vegas, like The Mirage and Caesar’s Palace. But one of our favorite spots is a local’s casino called Sunset Station—it’s right here in Henderson!

15. A Tad Bit Haunted by Henderson

Reports of demonic-looking little boys hanging around the swing set after midnight have made Henderson’s Foxridge Park a popular destination for thrill seekers and ghost hunters alike. According to students at Harriet Treem Elementary School, a white-faced girl appears in the hallway and screams for help.

16. Henderson residents love William Shakespeare.

Last year, Henderson hosted its very own Shakespeare in the Park event, and this year the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company will be performing Willy Wonka in the Henderson Pavillion. Visit the Henderson website’s events calendar to see what cultural events are scheduled for each month.

17. People are so fond of the luck of the Irish that they go out of their way to show it.

Despite its super long name, the Southern Nevada Sons & Daughters of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival may be one of the coolest things about Henderson—famous or not. The entertainment at the celebration includes some unusually fun traditions—like an Irish Whisky Tasting Contest and a St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving ceremony, where participants raise money for children’s cancer research by having their heads shaved. And of course, hundreds of local vendors and performers come out to show off their stuff! And who knows? With all this celebration, maybe the luck of the Irish will rub off when you visit the local casinos!

18. Henderson has All Lake From Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a man-made lake located in Henderson, Nevada. It was created as an oasis within the desert city and remains one of its most popular attractions. The 320-acre reservoir is frequented by a variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, great basin bonefish, and bluegill. Some of the nicest resorts in the area overlook its tranquil waters.

19. And The Most Water

The Cowabunga Bay Water Park, designed to evoke memories of the 1960s and its surfing culture, is now open in Henderson. Sprawling over 23 acres of land, this gigantic park has myriad attractions for visitors ranging from children to adults. It features a lazy river and dozens of waterslides, as well as wave pools, swimming pools—and more.

20. Henderson, Nev., is a great place to live and visit.

Forbes, Bloomberg Business, and CNN Money all agree that Mesa is one of the safest cities in America, one of the top 100 best places to live—and a great place for retirees.

21. “A Home to Call Your Own”

That’s the city’s motto, and it’s not hard to see why. Here in Henderson residents enjoy the benefits of both small-town and big-city life.


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